JIS News

St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) recently saluted the country’s National Heroes at a heritage celebration held, on the grounds of the institution.
The function saw a parade of the society’s various ethnic groups and performances in traditional folk dance and music from students and teachers at the school. There were also various presentations in memory of the country’s National Heroes and Heroine, for their contribution to nation building.
In his address, Councillor for the Santa Cruz Division, Stallin Brown, said the current generation should create legacy for others to build on and enjoy, as the National Heroes had done in the past.
“The work that they did in laying the foundation for us, has enabled you and me to be free people. We need to look around us and whatever is not going right, play your part in bringing it under control. Whatever problem exists today try and do something about it, don’t blame it on others. Be builders of foundation for the next generation,” Mr. Brown urged.
Meanwhile, Cultural Co-ordinator for the parish of St. Elizabeth, Vivien Morris-Brown, told JIS News that the event had the students “fired up” over their past, and that they are clearer on the type of contributions that they can make to build a better future.
“We have been able to enjoy the cultural extravaganza at STETHS, it has become an annual event and what it does, is expose the students to a whole range of the factors, which impacted on our collective experience as a people. They have listened to the music, watched the dances and they have heard the citations to the heroes and all of it has opened their eyes and minds as how they can lay their own foundation for lasting achievements,” Mrs. Morrison-Brown stated.