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Steps are now being taken to re-brand and reposition the National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC).
In this regard, its name is to be changed and it will be re-organized in order to increase its technical capabilities and efficiency.
“The new Board has commissioned the preparation of a three-year strategic plan and it is envisaged that by the financial year 2010/11, the NHDC will be in a position to facilitate the completion of ten thousand housing solutions annually,” Dr. Chang said.
He was making his presentation in the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, yesterday (June 4).
Dr. Chang also informed that the NHDC would, during this financial year, spend some $789 million on construction. Four schemes would be completed providing a total of 801 solutions. Construction would also be undertaken at five sites which, when completed, would yield a total of 546 solutions comprising a mixture of serviced lots and houses.
“The NHDC will enter into a partnership arrangement with the National Housing Trust (NHT) to construct 340 serviced lots. Indeed, the Ministry itself will have to work more closely with the NHT to build solutions and to provide water for those developments being undertaken by the NHT,” Dr. Chang said.
The NHDC would also launch a major mixed residential development to be known as Luana IV in St. Elizabeth. It is envisaged that this project, would comprise some 800 to 900 housing solutions, and would be a mix of lower and middle income houses and serviced lots, with full amenities and social services, the Minister said.
Partnerships with the private sector would also be pursued by the NHDC. A preliminary agreement has already been reached with Rose Hall Developments Limited, whereby some 132 acres of land at Rhyne Park, St. James, would be made available for housing development for hotel workers in the area, he added.
Dr. Chang pointed out, that the Jamaica Mortgage Bank (JMB) began its process of re-organization in November of last year when it came under new leadership and since then, a concerted effort has been made to streamline its operations to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

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