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Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for West Kingston, Bruce Golding, has called on members of the constituency to remain calm, continue to go about their legitimate businesses and allow the courts to deal with the extradition matter.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding

The Prime Minister said he was concerned about roadblocks that have been mounted in sections of the constituency, which he has represented for the past five years.
“I have been assured that the security forces are determined to carry out their duties in a professional manner, in order to prevent any recurrence of the terrible atrocities that occurred in 2001,” Mr. Golding said. About 27 persons died and dozens more were injured in July, 2001 when the security forces entered the community allegedly looking for weapons.
Mr. Golding urged his constituents to cooperate with the security forces in the lawful execution of their duties.
The Prime Minister gave the re-assurance, in the wake of widespread media reports that the residents of Tivoli Gardens were under siege and citizens were being held hostage, as well as concerns about unlawful activities in the constituency over the ‘extradition’ issue.
He noted that, despite the tense atmosphere, commercial and social activities in West Kingston remain normal and people continue to go about their business.
“Schools are fully functional, Coronation Market and the rest of the market district are doing brisk business and persons who travel to work or do business in the area continue to do so,” Mr. Golding said.

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