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Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the stay-at-home order for persons 75 years and older has been effective in protecting the elderly from contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Older persons are among groups most vulnerable to contracting and suffering the worst effects of the virus.

“My opinion is that this has been one of the most effective measures in ensuring that our death rate remains low,”

Mr. Holness said while making a statement in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (July 28).

The Prime Minister shared that he has been receiving many calls from persons in the age cohort who have expressed the concern that they do not want to be at home for an indefinite period of time.

“They want to be able to go about their business freely, and we have wrestled with it.

“Given the fact that our neighbours still have a challenge and we are still allowing persons to enter Jamaica, if we were to [relax this measure] at this time, it would probably send the wrong signal,” the Prime Minister argued.

Mr. Holness said the Government has been observing the situation carefully and has received advice from health professionals.

“The overwhelming advice is that we should maintain it (stay-at-home order) at age 75, keep it for two months, so it will end the 30th of September. But if things were to improve, we could amend it before that. So the order continues in place,” he said.

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