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The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) will be observing Statistics Week from October 17 to 24 under the theme: ‘Improving the Lives of People: Advancing Quality Statistics in Jamaica’.

Speaking with JIS News, Director General at STATIN, Carol Coy said the week’s activities will include a series of workshops, the launch of the Quality Assurance Framework and a publication highlighting the importance of statistics in national development. 

The significance of the theme lies in STATIN’s drive to get Jamaicans to make decisions based on evidence. Any decision, whether by government or businesses, is based on evidence, as no longer can we use gut feeling, but we must use evidence if we are to make policies that will impact the lives of the people,” Ms. Coy pointed out.

STATIN will launch its Quality Assurance Framework on Tuesday, October 17, which will further provide the transparency and clarity necessary to manage and respond to data users’ expectations, queries and demands.

“For the launch, we will get all the staff to see what we are doing and how they fit into it and to ensure that they understand the importance of quality in our work here at STATIN,” Miss Coy noted adding that the framework, “ensures that there is quality in all the processes that we do and that the data provided, reflects what is happening in the country.”

STATIN will also be spearheading three workshops throughout the week at the Four Season Hotel in Kingston, targeting government agencies involved in the production of statistics. The first workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 18.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will facilitate the workshops through a consultant from Statistics Canada, which is Canada’s national statistical agency.

The Director General explained that the workshops will also examine and discuss the correlation with quality statistics and Jamaica achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

 “The government of Jamaica has joined with the global community in endorsing the sustainable development goals and what this means for us in statistics is that there are a number of indicators that have been developed by the international statistical community to measure the performance of governments in implementing these goals,” Miss Coy explained.

She added that these indicators will be developed not only by STATIN, but with all the agencies in government that are involved in statistics production.

The week’s activities culminate with the placement of a publication in the local newspapers on October 24.

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