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The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) and IBM World Trade Corporation have signed a contract valued at $58.3 million, to improve the information technology (it) platforms at the organization.
This project, which is slated to be completed within the next 15 months, will require IBM to construct, test, debug and implement several database systems; create and test database linkages, based on design specifications; convert the organization’s core data in trade statistics to the new database management systems as well as provide training for staff members in the use of the systems as part of the implementation phase.
Speaking at the contract signing on December 15 in Kingston, Director General of STATIN, Sonia Jackson, said the event represented a landmark at the organization, which would change dramatically, the way the company worked and “the way we see things”.
She pointed out that in recent times, the company had been challenged by an increase in the volume of external merchandise trade and that this was one of the main driving forces for undertaking a project of this nature.
“We are hoping that with the implementation of this project, our trade data will get back on track very quickly,” she said.
Meanwhile, General Manager of IBM, Stephen Meghoo said that it was his company’s intention to ensure that the project was a successful one, because of the importance that modernizing the organization’s technology was to the country.
“We intend to make it a successful project, because we know you want to look back at the project and be very proud of it,” he told members of the audience.
In 2002 the organization embarked on a modernization process, based on a strategic plan that had been documented in 2001. An improved technology platform was one of the pillars of the process.

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