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It is with a deep sense of sadness that I learnt of the passing of Greta Bogues – interim CEO for the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, (PSOJ).

Greta was a stalwart in the private sector and a true servant of Jamaica who could be relied on to give her all in any effort with which she was tasked. Her professional experience spanned the financial industry, nonprofit, education, and the distribution and manufacturing sectors.

She was committed to, and evoked excellence in those with whom she worked. A woman with an indomitable spirit, she led with distinction, enabling partnerships and building multilateral and multisectoral alliances for national development.

A leading figure of corporate governance, Greta was a certified trainer in that field who worked tirelessly to strengthen both public- and private-sector entities. As founding chair of the PSOJ’s Corporate Governance
Committee, she forged a legacy in the field, permeating others with her passion through training.

Ms. Bogues was undoubtedly a true patriot who believed in Jamaica and the capacity of Jamaicans to excel at all levels.

Our thoughts and well-wishes go out to her family, friends and the PSOJ.

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