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The increased incidents of violent criminal attacks and murders in the parish of Clarendon, particularly over the last 48 hours, are as a result of a flare up of inter-gang warfare. This display of wanton disregard for the rule of law must be met with even more stringent security measures. As a result, we will be enforcing a 48hr curfew across Central Clarendon commencing at 5pm today, Friday December 18, 2020 with further review and amendments as necessary.

I wish to assure all law abiding Clarendonians that these intensified measures are for their benefit. We are mindful that heavily armed brazen criminals are retaliating against each other and are trying to instill fear and worry in your communities. The security forces will continue to pursue all leads to interrupt and apprehend these low lives. I urge residents to cooperate with the security forces, if you know something, speak up.

To our private sector stakeholders, I understand that given the season these measures may have unfavourable implications for your business operations. But this is a matter of urgent national import. We must continue to enforce strong, decisive and effective security operations in order to restore good order to the parish of Clarendon.

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