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A state-of-the- art nursing school is to be built on the grounds of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) campus in Mandeville, which is expected to increase the cadre of nurses entering the profession each year.
The $155 million project is being funded by President of AIC Fund Management and National Commercial Bank, Michael Lee Chin, who yesterday (Sept. 7) unveiled plans for the venture at a press conference held at the NCU. The school will be named the ‘Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing’, in honour of his mother.
Construction is expected to begin within the next three months and completed within a 12-month period. An estimated $90 million will be spent during the construction phase, with equipment to cost an additional $65 million.
Mr. Lee-Chin said he was glad to participate in the growth and development of Jamaica, stating that, “it is my purpose to make this country take its rightful place in the global society”.
He noted that by embarking on the project, the aim was to build a “better Jamaica. town by town”. He expressed the hope that the project would help to transform Mandeville into a university town.
Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller, in her remarks at the press conference, noted that the project would make a positive impact on nursing education and the country’s health service.
“As there is an urgent need for more nurses . this project brings so many opportunities and benefits to Jamaica,” she said, noting that, “through this project there is the opportunity to increase and improve training in health care provision and for prospective nurses world wide”, she said.
According to the Prime Minister, “the time has come when we must ensure that we train, prepare and educate our people for Jamaica as well as for export.because of the high standards of Jamaican nursing care, our nurses are demanded all over the world”.
Meanwhile, NCU President, Dr. Herbert Thompson, informed that the project would increase the nursing school’s capacity from 300 to about 800 students, with approximately 250 students graduating per annum.
NCU graduates less than 100 student nurses per year.In her remarks, President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ), Edith Allwood-Anderson, said she was “profoundly pleased about this venture and she wished for it all the success”.
“The NAJ and the nurses island wide will definitely be looking towards this kind of venture,” she added.

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