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State Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, Hon. Richard Azan, says that progress is being made in the completion of several road rehabilitation projects in the parish of St. James.

The works fall under the Jamaica Infrastructure Development Programme (JIDP). Already, several projects have been completed and Mr. Azan said that barring heavy rains, the refurbishing works on the remaining roads should conclude in short order.

“We are satisfied that the contractor has made a lot of progress since our last visit. They are working hard, and they have given us a time period for completion. If we have good weather we will be able to complete the project soon,” Mr. Azan said.

“We are working within budget…and I hope we don’t have any heavy rain that can affect this project, because we have to work with what we have,” he added.

Mr. Azan was speaking to journalists on Friday, June 28, during a tour of the John’s Hall main road, which is among the roadways being rehabilitated.

Citing the Green Pond Road, which is already open to motorists, he said that draining works are being completed to wrap up that project.

“That drain will be part of correcting the overflow of water on the road, along with a major plan to improve the drainage system in that area,” he informed.

Member of Parliament for Central St. James, Lloyd B. Smith, who is also the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that citizens have welcomed the improved road conditions.

“The roads have helped not only to give the community a sense of pride, but now, residents can easily go about their work, school, and other businesses. The Francis Isabella Road in Mount Salem…it is a splendid piece of work, and the citizens are extremely happy,” the Member of Parliament said.

He cautioned motorists using the Green Pond to King Street main road to obey the speed limit.

Member of Parliament for South St. James, Hon. Derrick Kellier, who was also on the tour, reported that improvements to roads in the constituency have seen improved attendance at schools, and enhanced commerce in the area.

“For the Mount Horeb to Cambridge road, it is now taking six minutes to traverse that piece of road that used to take 60 minutes. People can go about their business more easily now, and people who had thought about leaving out of the area because of the road are no longer of that opinion. It was well needed,” he stated.

“The Lethe to Great River road, the contractors have done a fantastic job in the area in improving the surface, and the citizens are very happy. People who used to avoid the road are now driving back on it, the shop keepers are having people spending with them, and it has made a tremendous difference in the lives of the residents,” Mr. Kellier said.

Contact: Garfield L. Angus

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