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Minister of Water, Land, Environment, and Climate Change, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, has underscored the importance of internationally accepted standards, in a world undergoing social, economic and environmental changes.

The Minister was speaking at the Jamaica Institution of Engineers conference held on September 17 at the Pegasus hotel under the theme 'Engineering Standards for Integrated Regional Development'.

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He noted that standards have and are being continually integrated into public and environmental health and safety, commerce and international trade issues across the globe.

"Every purchase that we make in meeting our needs, may it be for food, clothing, housing, transportation, consumer durables or disposable items, is quality controlled and assured by standards. The role of the engineer and other professionals can be readily identified in all of these vitally important activities," Mr. Pickersgill said.

Meanwhile, the Environment Minister urged the engineers to identify opportunities and attempt to lead the way in responding to them in an environmentally sustainable way.

"In pursuit of the development of standards for integrated regional development, I also charge you to constantly keep abreast of cutting-edge science and technology and make your own contribution to them by integrating research and development, and science and technology more fully into your efforts," Mr. Pickersgill stated.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has issued over 10,000 standards, working through 2,300 technical bodies worldwide, involving the participation of some 20,000 experts from all over the world annually.

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