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State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Michael Stern says the standards development frontier is very dynamic, and therefore requires the full participation of a wide and diverse cross section of the society.
He explained that standardisation is the avenue through which cross border trading is managed, whether as a facilitator or preventing technical barriers to trade, and all stakeholders have a responsibility to ensure that the ideal standards are maintained.
The State Minister was speaking at 7th National Quality Awards Ceremony, held at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston on October 14.
“Let us remain resolute in bringing even greater cohesiveness to the process of standardisation and national development, through continuous discussions and participation,” Mr. Stern emphasised.
The State Minister argued that standardisation goes beyond product specification and requirements to include global issues as healthcare, environment and safety, adding that standards are fundamental to ensuring success for organisations that use them to create a better way of living for all.
He said the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) operates as an anchor for national growth, a watchdog for border security and control, a resolute stickler for quality and a capstone of national conscience.
The Ministry, through the Bureau, seeks to facilitate partnerships in promulgating relevant standards, monitoring production and imports as well as recognising those that have gone beyond the call of duty in implementing systems and strategies to build their capacity and productivity, using standards.
“Increasingly, however, I believe our producers, suppliers and consumers are beginning to appreciate and respond to the basic criterion that standards turn the wheel of modern societies,” Mr. Stern said.
The Bureau of Standards Jamaica has developed the National Quality Awards, which seek to promote the international competitiveness of Jamaican products and services, and create a national medium for business excellence.
It is Jamaica’s first quality systems based award that seeks to recognise and reward local companies that demonstrate the application of high standards and quality systems in both production of goods and delivery of services.
The winner of the National Quality Award for Excellence in Manufacturing went to Sherwin Williams (WI) Limited, while the National Quality Award for Excellence in Service went to Digicel.
The mission of the BSJ is to promote the international competitiveness of Jamaican producers, facilitate trade and protect consumers by providing standardisation, metrology and regulatory services through visionary leadership, consultations, teamwork and a committed, motivated and professional workforce.

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