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Persons from the civic and business communities, as well as members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), heaped praises on young people in Huntley and surrounding communities in Manchester, for launching the Hills United Police Youth Club on Sunday (July 25).
Guest speaker, public commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, told the members of the Club at the launch at the Huntley Prince of Peace Moravian Church that their decision to partner with the Police will assist their self development.
“You have made an excellent move… The Police Youth is a vital tool to instill discipline in our society, and the promotion of programmes that are the best for your future. I look forward to this youth club becoming the best in the island,” he said.

Members of the Hills United Police Youth Club, in Manchester, performing the Police Club’s pledge, at their launch on Sunday (July 25), at the Huntley Prince of Peace Moravian Church.

Constable Ryan Thompson of the Manchester Police told the gathering that the Police Youth Club movement seeks to develop a cadre of young Jamaicans, who will use the Club as a vehicle to advance creative skills, academic competencies and business acumen, as well as promote programmes to build good relations between the police and youth.
“I implore you, ladies and gentlemen, to use the movement to make your community a better one,” Constable Thompson said.
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Lamar Clarke, urged the youngsters not to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing in their communities, as crime would harm and hamper their future, in the long run.
“You are now going to open your eyes wider, and you are going to open your mouth louder, because when you see you must cry out and allow us to hear what is happening and come and assist you,” ASP Clarke said.

Guest speaker at the launch of the Hills United Police Youth Club, public commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, delivering the keynote address on (July 25). The function was held at the Huntley Prince of Peace Moravian Church, in Manchester.

“I have no doubt that it will act as a catalyst for young persons to engage themselves in meaningful activities that will serve to change their lifestyle and outlook,” stated Justice of the Peace, Iredell Rattray.
“It will serve to promote self discipline, positive values and attitudes and help to broaden their horizons, and I have all the confidence that this will grow from strength to strength and promote the community of Huntley, and its environs,” she added.

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