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Clinical Coordinator at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH), in St. James, Dr. Delroy Fray, is crediting the staff at the facility for their efforts in keeping the COVID-19 death rate low in the parish so far.

In an interview with JIS News, Dr. Fray said that caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging; however, the staff members at the facility have risen to the occasion.

“I want to thank our staff. They are very dedicated in looking after these patients. From my analysis, I can safely say that the care has been excellent so far. It has kept our (COVID-19) death rate down to the minimum and we appreciate that,” Dr. Fray added.

As at Sunday, October 18, there were 19 deaths in the parish. Nationally, the figure was 173 deaths.

Dr. Fray said because of the surge in cases, efforts at the facility require a high focus on COVID-19 care, to ensure that deaths resulting from the virus remain at a minimum.

He further outlined that the facility is also focused on protecting their staff members from contracting the virus.

“We have had some of our members affected and we have cared for them very well and we are grateful for that, but we are hoping to minimise that aspect of it. We are just praying to see when this thing will reach the stage where we can manage (COVID-19) like any other infectious disease which has affected us,” he said.

Dr. Fray also told JIS News that the facility has made infrastructural changes to facilitate COVID-19 patients.

“We realised that the wave (of COVID cases) would come, so we made preparations. We created a ward with 25 (beds) to house our COVID patients and at one time I think our COVID count went up to 60 patients and we had to create space in another ward, so that we could care for those patients,” he said.

Dr. Fray pointed out that as at Friday (October 16), there were 32 COVID -19 patients at CRH.

A four-bed isolation unit was also recently constructed, and suspected cases are being housed in a section of the Accident and Emergency unit at the hospital.

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