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St. Thomas will be promoted as a destination for visitors under the theme ‘History, Heritage and Healing’ during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 tournament.
This approach is being developed by the Social Development Commission (SDC) so that residents can capitalize on the many business opportunities associated with the event. Jamaica will host the opening ceremony and a number of first round and semi-final matches for the tournament.
The concept was revealed by Assistant Regional Director for Governance, SDC, Sikiwi Carruthers while speaking at the Yallahs Development Area Committee held at the Yallahs Baptist Church Hall in Yallahs, St. Thomas.
More than 80 community leaders drawn from communities in western St. Thomas and representatives of government agencies attended the meeting, which was held to discuss projects and programmes for the communities and to receive reports so as to decide on a course of action for the delivery of services. The meeting’s theme was “Sustaining Community Development through Investment.”
Mrs. Carruthers said the SDC would convene a parish meeting aimed at sensitizing residents about this approach and the processes involved in the promotion of goods and services.
“It will entail promotional strategies to spread the word throughout Jamaica, the region and the world that St Thomas is a parish of history, heritage and healing, that you must be a part of, if you ever come to Jamaica,” she said.
According to Mrs. Carruthers, the event presented an opportunity for the country, socially and economically.
“We want to position the community development areas and ultimately parishes in such a way that they are aware of the possible opportunities and how to access and make use of opportunities that will arise from these matches being held here,” she added.
However, Mrs. Carruthers noted that although some benefits might accrue during Cricket World Cup, there were some legal considerations that government and citizens must take into consideration while taking advantage of the opportunities.
“Therefore, our efforts to benefit from this event have to be indirect so we cannot openly and directly promote. What we have to do is to try at the time to be as noticeable and as attractive as possible,” she added.
The Yallahs Development Area Committee is managed by an executive body comprising three representatives from each community cluster, from which members are elected for various positions.

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