JIS News

Students and teachers at the St. Thomas Technical High School in Golden Grove, are now benefitting from an upgraded and equipped computer laboratory, under the E-Learning Project.
The project, which has been implemented in 186 learning institutions, utilises information and communication technology (ICT), to introduce new approaches to impart instructions, stimulate learning and consistently deliver quality education to students.
Principal of the St. Thomas Technical High School, Phillip Wilson, told JIS News, that the school received some 60 desktop computers, 80 computer desks and chairs, 12 laptops, two multi-media projectors, two camcorders, document cameras, six television sets and six tape recorders.
Additionally, he said that electrical fittings were installed in the two computer rooms, as well as new doors and windows put in, to ensure the safety of the equipment. He added that some of the items would not be stored in the rooms, but would only be taken there whenever they were needed by teachers.
Mr. Wilson pointed out that during the summer, Grades 10 and 11 teachers attended a six-week training seminar under the E-Learning Project, in collaboration with the HEART Trust/NTA.
“During the summer, the teachers attended a seminar to learn about the project, learn how to implement the project and how to execute the lessons,” he said.
According to the Principal, teachers must be able to produce a power point presentation and to use the technology for the planning and execution of their lessons. One setback, the Principal said, was the lack of a broadband system at the school.
“We have a dial up system, which is very weak and not working well. We spent some money to have it configured some years ago, but we do not want to spend anymore on that, we want the broadband,” he stressed.