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    Officials of the St. Thomas Parish Council are to meet this week with residents of Trinityville in the parish to tour that district and assess various local concerns, and to effect solutions as swiftly as possible.
    This comes as a result of a Parish Council meeting held in the district, which facilitated broad-based public interaction. This was one of four held annually by the Council in various communities in the parish.
    Secretary Manager, Clinton Gordon told JIS News that he would be accompanied by the Superintendent of Roads and Works for the parish as well as the Councillor for the division and that they will be met by a delegation of residents to document the concerns and chart solutions.
    “When we have looked at all the concerns, we have to prioritise what must be done, what can be done (based on the available resources) and the process of a remedy,” he said.
    The issue of flooding and drainage is one to be addressed. He explained that in the Danvers Pen area citizens have a concern with the ‘Old Road Gully’, where mud from the hillside still affects the area, regardless of the fact that work has already been done by the Parish Council. “We put in some Gabion Baskets up there but the problem persists and the citizens have some ideas on how it can be fixed to complete the process so we’re going to tour and discuss it with them, with the resources and labour available,” he noted.
    Mr. Gordon says he is optimistic that working with the community will yield positive results. “Technical knowledge is good but in a particular locale you have got to relay on local wisdom and also having people being a part of the process cuts down on the tensions that sometimes are quite evident,” he noted.
    He added that where matters are raised by communities that need to be addressed by other agencies such as the National Water Commission (NWC), the National Works Agency (NWA)or, the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), consultations are held and the concerns relayed for further action on their part.

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