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The St. Thomas Parish Council is moving to have repair work carried out on a section of the Hermitage Road in St. Thomas, which has been severely eroded over the years, and is in need of a retaining wall.
Addressing Councillors at the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday (Jan 8) in Morant Bay, St Thomas, Mayor of Morant Bay, Hanif Brown said the road needed urgent attention since a retaining wall, which was built some four years ago was being undermined.
“Last week we sent a further reminder to the technical director at the Ministry of Local Government,” he said, stating that work on the road would require a “decent amount of money.”
The road condition was brought to the Council’s attention by Jenelle Stewart, a resident of Spring Garden, who led a delegation of residents from Spring Garden, Middleton and Hermitage to the Council meeting. Ms. Stewart who is also a member of the Paul Bogle Youth Club raised concerns about blocked culverts, inadequate drainage system, and damaged roadways in the Spring Garden, Middleton and Hermitage districts.
“We are mindful of the problems. We are mindful of the concerns and we will do our best to articulate those concerns, but you as a community must not rest in finding a solution,” the Mayor said. With regards to the Middleton roadway, he promised to convey the matter to the National Works Agency.