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The St. Thomas Parish Council has received $1 million from the Ministry of Local Government, Community Development and Sport to clean blocked drains and to repair damaged roads and potholes in that parish.
Several roads were damaged and there were numerous land slippages as a result of recent flood rains associated with Hurricane Wilma.
Secretary Manager of the Parish Council, Clinton Gordon told JIS that the estimated cost of damage done to the road infrastructure was more than $300 million.
“Based on the amount of money we have and the damage to the roads, we have to look at it objectively and see where we can get the best value with the money that we have,” he said. He added that funds would also be used from the parochial revenue fund to do repairs, since the money received was inadequate to do all the road repairs.
Mr. Gordon said Councillors had submitted the names of roads in their respective divisions that were in need of repairs. He informed that the Councillors, and the Superintendent of Roads and Works would be meeting to determine the priority areas and the type of repair work to be undertaken. “We have to make a choice what work to be done and the best way to spend the money,” he added.
According to Mr. Gordon, road repairs and the clearing of drains and land slippages had begun in the Trinityville, Mount Lebanus and Hillside areas. He noted that roads in farming communities were cleared by the National Works Agency following the passage of the Hurricane, to allow for easy access by vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

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