St. Thomas Fire Division to Assist Needy Persons

The St. Thomas Fire Division will be embarking on a project to assist needy persons, especially the aged, whose homes have been destroyed by fire and other disasters.
Superintendent of the Division, Louiston Gooden, told JIS News that the department would be building one or two-room dwelling houses as well as carrying out repairs to homes of the “most needy”.
Mr. Gooden pointed out that staff members were currently identifying persons to benefit from the project, and that the division would be seeking the involvement of the general public in building the homes.
“We will be asking for assistance from the general public and particularly from the business places, like the hardware stores and the Parish Council,” he explained.
Meanwhile, the Superintendent expressed concern at the large number of bush fires in St. Thomas, especially in the Landewey and South Haven areas. He said that in February, fire units in Morant Bay and Yallahs responded to 94 fire calls, 61 of which were bush fires.
Mr. Gooden said bush fires were caused mainly by persons burning rubbish, and leaving the fire unattended, which sometimes got out of control. He emphasized that persons should monitor these fires at all times.
He informed JIS News that some 300 fire hydrants were recently inspected by the division, and of this amount 172 were in need of servicing. He said a list of the malfunctioning hydrants were submitted to headquarters for repairs.
In addition, he said recommendations were made for hydrants to be installed in the Golden Grove, Bath and Sunning Hill districts in the parish.

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