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The St. Mary Parish Development Committee (SMPDC) will be staging a series of meetings in March, to sensitise residents about services offered by government and non-government organisations in the parish.
Disclosing this to the JIS News during an interview, Development Manager for the SMPDC, Miss Dorrel Hartley, said the meetings have been made possible by a $3 million grant from European Union (EU).
In addition to funding the cost of the meetings, the grant will also be used to purchase equipment for the committee’s office in Port Maria.
The meetings will be held in recognition of the general ignorance of the services offered by both government and non-government organisations in St. Mary among residents.
Miss Hartley said the information to be provided will go a far way to enable parishioners to ensure that they are given the services to which they are entitled. She said the committee will be partnering with the St. Mary Parish Council and the Social Development Commission (SDC) in staging the meetings, and pointed out that the communities of Annotto Bay, Highgate, Gayle, Oracabessa and Port Maria will be specially targeted.
Imploring residents of the parish to make a special effort to attend the meetings, in order to gain more knowledge about the available services, Miss Hartley said the occasion will also present them with an opportunity to become acquainted with persons who work with the various organisations, and foster good relationship between customers and service providers.
Declaring that the SMPDC is proud to be able to initiate the series of meetings, she said other activities being pursued include the presentation of a symposium on Local Government Reform, in Port Maria on Wednesday, February 18; implementation of a project for the refurbishing of parochial roads; and the establishment of a gabion basket construction programme in the Annotto Bay area.

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