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The St. Mary Parish Development Committee (PDC) is planning a number of environmental projects in its effort to aid the process of sustainable development in the parish.
Norman Dorray, Chairman of the Committee told JIS News that the group would be working closely with the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) in planning the projects in order to ensure that they were properly organized and implemented.
Noting that the PDC had already done landscaping and beautification work on the Claude Stewart Park in Port Maria, Mr. Dorray said it had also carried out a clean-up exercise at the beach in the town. He added that assistance for the project was provided by the St. Mary Parish Council and the Beaches Hotel in Boscobel.Mr. Dorray observed that the PDC would be working in close collaboration with the communities of the parish in planning and implementing the projects, and stressed the importance of community participation as a guarantee not only for their successful implementation, but also for their protection and continuous existence.
Turning to the general functioning of the committee, the PDC Chairman said it was working assiduously to carry out its mandate to monitor developments in the parish in order to maintain sustainability.
Mr. Dorray called for greater cooperation between the PDC, the St. Mary Parish Council, the business sector and other government and non-government agencies in the parish if the mandate of the group was to be successfully pursued.
He informed that a series of workshops on the role and purpose of the PDC were being planned in order to sensitise the people of the parish about the importance of its operation.

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