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Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Senator A.J. Nicholson has described Justices of the Peace (JPs) as bastions of volunteerism in the country, emphasising that the responsibilities they discharged were critical to the maintenance of stability and good order in the society.
He was giving the main address at a presentation ceremony, held at the Port Maria Civic Centre in St. Mary on October 13, at which official seals were presented to JPs serving the parish of St. Mary.
Mr. Nicholson told the gathering that the government was highly respectful of the work being done by JPs throughout the country, as it has become increasingly clear that they are an indispensable part of the justice system.
He noted that Jamaica’s JPs were the first in the Caribbean to be presented with official seals, adding that the procurement had cost the government over $6 million.
The Minister urged the JPs to ensure that the seals were not mis-used, emphasizing that any mis-use which occurred would reflect poorly on the particular official.
He also pointed out that the protection of the seals were important for the preservation of the good name of the institution of Justice of the Peace, and that any JP who lost his or her seal, would have to bear the cost of its replacement.
Mr. Nicholson argued that the seals would enhance the work of the JPs, and encouraged them to continue the invaluable service they have been giving to the country.
The Minister said that the integrity they embraced and the dedication to service they displayed, have made them excellent role models in their communities.

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