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The parish of St. Mary on (October 18) honoured 14 of its outstanding community members and one organisation for contribution to the development of the parish.
At the annual Heroes Day ceremony held at the Claude Stuart Park in Port Maria, Mayor Richard Creary presented plaques of appreciation for service in three categories –
Education and Community Development; Health and Community Development; and Community Development.
For outstanding contribution to Education and Community Development the awardees were: Hyacinth Knight, Maureen Cunningham, Michael Leslie, Thelma Rose Mattie, Dozlin Geddes, Violet Hermitt, Elizabeth Gayle and Cynthia Richardson.
Awardees in the area of Health and Community Development were: Ocinth Phang, Norma Leveridge, and Ethlyn Brown-Hunter, while Evadne Bascoe and Vinel Hinds were honoured for contribution to Community Development.
Special awards for outstanding contribution to the development of the St. Mary Infirmary in Port Maria, were presented to Bob Wilson and the Beam of Light Church in Scotts Hall.
Mayor Creary congratulated the awardees for the work they have done to promote the development process in St. Mary. He said that their contribution should be regarded as a continuation of the efforts of the National Heroes, adding that their work was worthy of emulation by all well-thinking citizens of the country.
The function, organised by the St. Mary Parish Council in collaboration with the St. Mary Office of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), featured a parade of uniformed groups, and the raising of the national flag.
There were also tributes to the seven National Heroes, with Boscobel Primary paying homage to Nanny; Retreat Primary and Junior High, Sam Sharpe; Zion Hill Primary, Paul Bogle; Port Maria Primary, Marcus Garvey; Marymount High, Sir Alexander Bustamante; Anita Bailey, Norman Manley; and 2009 Governor General’s Awardee, Elise Barnett, George William Gordon.
The Governor-General’s message was read by Justice of the Peace, Vincent Mason, representing Custos of St. Mary, Hon. A.A. ‘Bobby’ Pottinger.
The Prime Minister’s message was delivered by Councillor Bruce Farrell of the Oracabessa Division of the St. Mary Parish Council, while Councillor Dave Morris of the Islington Division read the message from the Leader of the Opposition.

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