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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Governor-General’s Award for Excellence, St. Mary joined other churches on Sunday, February 20 with a service at the Emanuel Baptist Church in Port Maria.

The award was first introduced in 1991 during the incumbency of former Governor-General, Sir Howard Cooke, as a gesture of recognition and appreciation for persons who have made themselves into role models by emerging from humble circumstances to become successful members of their communities. Over 20 persons in St. Mary have been presented with the award since its inception.

A category to recognise exemplary young people (Governor-General’s Youth Award), is also included in the award scheme, and is conferred annually on one outstanding individual from each parish.

Spearheaded by Custos of St. Mary, Hon. A. A. Bobby Pottinger, the service featured the reading of the names of all the persons in St. Mary who have received the award; and the reading of the Governor-General’s Proclamation and the messages of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Custos Pottinger read the Governor-General’s Proclamation, while the messages of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition were read by Mrs. Veronique Lawrence and Mrs. Charlene Butler, respectively.

In delivering the sermon, Associate Pastor of the Port Maria Circuit of Baptist Churches, Rev. Ainsworth Davis, congratulated all the persons who have received the Governor-General’s Award for the inspiration they have provided, and urged others in the society to emulate their example.

Using as his theme – ‘Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t quit, keep running the race’ – Reverend Davis encouraged the congregation to take strength from the achievements and tenacity of the awardees and remain steadfast in their determination to succeed, despite the challenges with which they might be confronted.

Pointing out that there will always be struggles and disappointments in life, he assured them that their determination to succeed and fixity of purpose, will result in the successful achievement of their goals and objectives.

He exhorted them to make a special effort to rid themselves of the things that are hindrances to progress and success, and emphasised that it is of critical importance for them to embrace Jesus and practise his teaching, as fulfilling this obligation is the most important requirement for achieving success.



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