JIS News

Preliminary estimates from the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) indicate that the parish of St. Mary sustained agricultural loss amounting to almost $14 million, as a result of the recent heavy rains.
RADA Parish Manager for St. Mary, Victor Edwards, told JIS News on Tuesday (Dec.12) that the figure was expected to increase, as reports of losses suffered by farmers were still being received by his office.
Farmers in the Highgate extension area suffered the worst damage, with the most affected crops being pepper, banana, vegetables, plantain and fruits, and livestock such as chickens, goats and cattle. The flooding, he said, came at a time when many of the crops were just recovering from drought, which had plagued the parish for several months.
Mr. Edwards expressed confidence in the ability of the farmers to overcome the setback and assured that RADA would continue to work with them and provide the necessary technical support to revive the farms.
He said he was extremely confident about the future of agriculture in St. Mary, as not only was the farming community determined to keep the sector on the cutting edge of production, but more young people were becoming involved in farming as an economic enterprise.