JIS News

As preparation for this year’s annual Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show enter its final stage, farmers in St. Mary are making every effort to ensure that the parish is well represented in the various events of the three-day exposition.
St. Mary’s participation is being planned by the St. Mary branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), in association with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).
The JAS Parish Manager for St. Mary, Miss Lavon Murdock, told JIS News that everything is in place to facilitate the parish’s participation in the event.
Noting that preparations for the show include the refurbishing of the St. Mary Pavilion at Denbigh and the collection of exhibits from the various communities, Miss Murdock said farmers in the parish are very enthusiastic about participating in the show. She added that the JAS is working closely with all the branches in the parish, to ensure that the St. Mary farming community is fully mobilized for the occasion.
The Parish Manager pointed out that areas to be highlighted by St. Mary at the show include: bee farming, greenhouse technology and ornamental fish farming, with exhibits also focusing on value added products.
She said the parish performed well at last year’s show, and every effort would be made to improve on that performance this year.
The RADA Parish Manager for St. Mary, Victor Edwards, told JIS News that the farmers should be commended for the high level of interest shown, adding that planning for the parish’s participation was being meticulously done to ensure an outstanding display.