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This week an estimated 3,500 residents of St. James, who were in need of health care, received special attention courtesy of the Montego Bay/Atlanta Sister City Health Mission, which was staged at the St. James Methodist Action Centre in Montego Bay from October 4 to 6.
With the health fair now in it’s 11th year, the health mission consisted of a team of 50 health care volunteers from Atlanta led by Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta, Vin Martin, and included specialists in the area of ophthalmology, gynaecology, dentistry, podiatry, and paediatrics, accompanied by nurses and pharmacists. The team conducted a central health clinic in Montego Bay as well as other community clinics across the parish of St. James.
In a recent interview with JIS News, Mr. Martin who is also head of the mission and Chairman of the Sister City Committee, said the objective of the project was to deliver quality health care to persons in need, especially after the ravages of Hurricane Ivan.
“I am pleased to see the level of response from the local populace this year which is by far greater than we have had in the past year. This is just an incredible show of cooperation. We now understand that we could not do anything or get anywhere without the cooperation of the many folks from the St. James Parish Council, the St. James Health Department, the Customs Department, the Ministry of Finance and others,” he stated.
Mr. Martin expressed hope that in the future, members of the team would be certified to practice in Jamaica to allow for greater levels of follow-up health care.

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