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The St. James Municipal Corporation is inviting public-private partnership for the rehabilitation of the Pye River Cemetery in Montego Bay.

Speaking at a recent JIS Think Tank, Chairman of the Civic and Community Affairs Committee, Councillor Dwight Crawford, said it will take approximately $4.42 million to undertake the project.

The scope of works includes major de-bushing, repainting and repairing of the graves.

“I am throwing out an appeal to the private sector because I know many popular Montegonians have family buried at Pye River Cemetery,” Councillor Crawford said.

He noted that the vision of the Corporation is to restore the infrastructure and aesthetics of the cemetery and bring it up to the standard of similar facilities in other parts of the world.

“Hopefully, during the Christmas period, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and family members will be able to go to the cemetery and not see broken slabs and trees growing through the side of walls but a nicely manicured place for our deceased and loved ones,” Mr. Crawford said.

“We are reaching out and asking everybody – let’s do it together. [Give] whatever you have, so that we can feel proud,” he added.

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