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The St. James Parish Labour Day Committee has chosen to carry out an extensive face-lifting of the Infirmary as the parish project for Labour Day, May 25.
Seventy eight (78) Wards of the state- operated infirmary, in Montego Bay, are to benefit from the project.
The church service for the parish is scheduled to be held on Sunday (May 24) at The Meeting Place, Howard Cooke Boulevard, and will see persons from the business community, as well as community groups and organizations, participating.

Chairman of the St. James Labour Day Committe, Mayor Charles Sinclair (centre) addressing the committee as they plan for this year’s Labour Day on May 25 at a meeting on Friday(May 8)

Refurbishing activities at the Infirmary will include: painting the male and female wards, main office and dining areas; repairing of windows and sections of the roof; resurfacing the main drive way; and cleaning, sanitizing and beautification of targeted areas on the compound.
Mayor of Montego Bay, Councilor Charles Sinclair, is also Chairman of the Committee, which had its first meeting Friday (May 8).
The Mayor noted that communities were expected to carry out their respective projects, and urged the groups and their leaders to put plans in place for a memorable day of voluntary work.

Chairman of the St. James Labour Day Committee, Mayor Charles Sinclair (centre), in discussion with member as they plan for this year’s Labour Day projects to be carried out under the theme’volunteerism,intervention,beautification, empowerment for success’.

“We will be seeking to register all projects that will be carried out throughout the parish. We want the project forms to be returned to the Council by May 20, so that they can be assessed,” he urged members.
The Mayor said that the committee wanted to see if there will be any need, in any community, for an input of resources from agencies of the state, such as the National Solid Waste Management Authority, including for the removal of waste.
“Persons who may chose to do certain types of roadwork, such as painting of pedestrian crossings, may need the assistance of the Police in traffic management and the forms would be critical in that sense,” he noted.
He said that all 17 parochial divisions would receive an allocation to assist with projects in all areas, but he made it clear the registration of projects was not for financial assistance from the Council.
“Labour Day is about volunteerism, and we expect that all persons within communities will want to come out and ensure that their communities are beautified on that day,” the Mayor submitted.
Co-chairman of the St. James Labour Day Committee, Acting Custos for St. James, Enel Brydson, endorsed the choice of the infirmary, and pledged to promote and solicit the assistance and participation of the business community in making the project a success.

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