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Scholarships valued at approximately $500,000 were awarded to three students of high schools in western Jamaica by the St. James 4-H Advisory Council, at a press conference at the Sunset Beach Resort, Spa and Water Park, Montego Bay on Tuesday (September 28).
Recipients of the 4-H’s 10th annual presentations of scholarships were: Vanessa Anglin, University of Technology (UTech), who received the Lenworth Fulton Scholarship; Faithlyn Lawrence, Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, Granville, the Enel Brydson Scholarship; and Ainsad Archer, Montego Bay High School, the Dr. Lynden Bryan Scholarship.
The presentation of the scholarships took place during the official launch of the St. James 4-H Clubs 2010 Busta Nyammins and Jammins Food Festival, scheduled for October 18 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre, Montego Bay.
According to Chairman of the Clubs’ Advisory Council, Bryan Miller, the Clubs had disbursed some $1.5 million this year, the sixth since the scholarship programme commenced, with 13 students benefiting from the initiative to date.

Manager of the Rural Youth Employment Project at the Scientific Research Council (SRC), Michael Matthews, delivering the main address at the St. James 4-H Clubs’ official launch of the 2010 Busta Nyammins and Jammins Food Festival at the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa, Montego Bay, on Tuesday (September 28).

“We are pleased with the growth of the programme, and are particularly delighted that we are seeing the rewards of our labour,” Mr. Miller said.
He noted that among the guests at the function was the first scholarship recipient, Trishana McBean, who recently graduated from the Montego Bay High School with ten CXC subjects, seven ones (dictinctions) and three two’s (credits).
“We, at the 4-H Clubs, are proud of her,” Mr. Miller remarked.
Turning to the upcoming annual food festival and entertaining event, Mr. Miller pointed out that plans were in high gear to ensure that this year’s 10th staging is ‘a special event’.
“The Council and volunteers are all enthusiastic and fired up, and we are working to make this our best show yet,” he said.
He invited patrons to come out, and take the children despite the economic crunch, as the organisers have tried to make it affordable, and as family time is “extremely important” in building bonds in the nation.
Guest Speaker at the function, Manager of Rural Youth Employment Project at the Scientific Research Council (SRC), Michael Matthews, observed that the 4-H clubs were playing effective and critical roles in scientific research for agriculture, at this time.
“The fundamental point to be made is that the 4-H clubs are buoyed by the vision of developing young people, through the use of new technological developments, to drive and modernize the agricultural sector to not only a symbiotic relationship, but to increase the value chain”, Mr. Mathews noted.
He urged the 4-H Clubs to pursue the possibilities of the production/manufacturing of products such as sorrel, lemon grass, and other value-added products, for greater economic prospects.

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