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The parish of St. Elizabeth has copped top place in the inaugural Social Development Commission (SDC) National Debating Competition with prizes of $30,000 and a trophy.
The awards were held at the Fellowship Tabernacle in Mandeville Manchester on Wednesday, December 2.
Member of the winning team, Jermaine Porter, told JIS News that he and his teammates had served as youth Parliamentarians, and that it helped them to develop their debating strength. “I would advise youth advocates to be part of competitions like these, to highlight what is happening both at the community and national levels, with a hope that the SDC can implement it as part of its role in communities,” he said.
Shayann Clarke, member of the second place team from Westmoreland, and winner of three prizes, which including best speaker, said she prepared herself by writing and practicing speeches.
“It has boosted my confidence. Prior to this I had a problem with failing, and hated competitions. This has encouraged me to enter other competitions. I realise that failing is bad, but the worst part of it is actually staying down. I have won because I have overcome my fear of failing,” she said.
Meanwhile, Director of Governance at the SDC, Sherine Francis, told the gathering that the competition required participants to critically evaluate information and develop awareness, and understanding of safety and security issues.
“The Social Development Commission National Debate Competition gave participants a chance to communicate facts and opinions in a competition format while equipping them with some extremely important skills that will remain with the participants through their academic and professional life,” she explained.
Westmoreland received a trophy and $20,000 while Kingston and St. Andrew in third slot, also took home a trophy and 10,000. All the teams received a certificate of participation.

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