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Activities in commemoration of Local Government month are slated to commence in the parish of St. Elizabeth today (Nov. 5) with a service at the Glen Stuart United Church in Maggoty, St. Elizabeth beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Speaking with JIS News, Secretary Manager of the St. Elizabeth Parish Council, Opal Beharie noted that eight different events would be taking place as part of the observance.
“On the ninth, we will be having the rehearsal for the junior council session, we will also be having a corner shop meeting at the mini park in black river at about 5:00 p.m..on the very same day we will launch the Pride of Place Competition,” she informed.
Mrs. Beharie said that on the 16th of November, the junior council would be staged. “As is the custom the venue will be the E.V. Allen chambers and we are once again expecting many of the schools throughout the parish to send their representatives and from there we move on to the next week on the 23rd (Nov.) when we will have the Local Government Education Forum as well as the presentation of the Council’s budget. This takes place in the parish capital,” she indicated.
The Secretary Manager noted that on the 24th of November, there would be a fun day at Independence Park.
“This event will feature cricket, netball and a domino competition, we are extending an invitation for members of the public to come out and participate.let me state that in addition to all that I have mentioned members of the council will be doing some work in the form of the planting of trees and painting of key buildings during the month,” she said.

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