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The St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS), on Friday (October 10), welcomed home two of its past students, who participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in China.
The event, which was sponsored by the National Commercial Bank Foundation, saw many students making speeches, performing, and lauding the Olympians, Bridgette Foster-Hylton and Shericka Williams.
In her address to the gathering, Shericka Williams encouraged the students to make the best of their time at the institution. “This school offers you training and development that can ensure your life-long success in your chosen endeavour. The early years that I spent here have helped to prepare me for outstanding performances at the international level, and you can do the same. Study hard, play hard to be role models as, in this way your personal ambitions will be accomplished and the reputation of STETHS and your communities will be enhanced,” Miss Williams stated.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Foster-Hylton, in advising the students to follow positive role models, said the school helped her to be disciplined in work and to take academics seriously.
“This is the place that I spent my formative years in sprint hurdling, and where I developed the passion and discipline that have been keys to my professional success. It was here that I learnt the importance of a strong academic base to support my professional athletic development and to live my life in keeping with the school’s motto ‘Work and Integrity’. I leave with you my formula of success, and hope that you can use it to your success, or you can develop your own. Be confident in yourself that you can fulfil your dreams, confidence, coupled with passion, are essential ingredients for success,” she said.