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The St. Elizabeth Police are taking proactive measures to ensure that public order is maintained throughout the parish as the usually busy Yuletide season approaches.

Superintendent of Police in charge of the parish, Narda Simms, said that traffic management strategies are being devised for major towns.

“We have been doing some work, especially for the main-street Santa Cruz area, to prevent any traffic congestion, and as we move closer to the holiday season, I think we are going to see the road changes coming into effect,” she noted.

Superintendent Simms, who was addressing Thursday’s (October 14) monthly meeting of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, noted that the measures are precautionary and could be adjusted based on the Government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) containment measures.

“We don’t know what the Disaster Risk Management Act is going to have in it or if there will be lockdowns, so there are a number of areas where we are uncertain of what is going to happen,” she said.

Superintendent Simms said it is imperative that the police and the Corporation strengthen their cooperation to maintain order and ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the parish.

“So, as we head into the Yuletide season, I crave your cooperation and support because it is going to be critical that we keep St. Elizabeth as the best parish in Jamaica,” she added.

In the meantime, Superintendent Simms noted that the police continue to perform “above and beyond” to curb crime and violence in St. Elizabeth. She noted that most major crimes such as murders, shootings, robberies, break-ins, and rape have been trending down.

“I do know that the challenges exist, but what I also know is that the team that we have in St. Elizabeth is up to the task and we continue to work assiduously to get the job done,” she said.

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