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The St. Elizabeth Parish Council awarded two nursing scholarships to Northern Caribbean University (NCU) students from the parish on (December 9).
Outlining details of the scholarships, Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, said that eligibility depended on enrolling in an accredited programme of study and demonstrating need. For the student to remain eligible for the $300,000 support, they have to continue performing at a high level.
“The scholarship is valued at $100,000 per year for three years, subject to satisfactory performance. The recipient shall maintain a minimum GPA of 3, and the
St. Elizabeth Parish Council should be provided with a performance report at the end of each semester,” he said.
Mayor Palmer told the gathering that persons who did not qualify for the Mayor’s Scholarship Fund, will be given educational endowment at the Council. He called on persons in the parish to give support to the Fund, so that they can reach other needy students.
“We are going to strive to maintain a high level of transparency (in terms) of how the system works, so that this can become a model for such funds,” he said.
“It will make a big difference for me, financially and academically. I will continue to do my best in maintaining my GPA, finish school and go out there and do my best for my country,” said recipient Angelique Nelson, who promised to support the fund after finishing school.
The Parish Council placed advertisements in newspapers to notify the public of the scholarship offerings. A committee consisting of Council personnel did the selections.