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St. Elizabeth Homecoming Week 2007 gets underway this weekend with a health fair in Balaclava on Saturday (Nov. 24), while a special thanksgiving service will be held on Sunday (Nov. 25) at the Black River Methodist Church starting at 10:00 a.m.
Joan Lobban from the St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation (SEHF) told JIS News that so far all the plans are on schedule.
She said that, “because of the way we want to engage especially the young people, we are down to have a youth and entrepreneur forum on Monday, November 26 and then it is time for our most productive sector, the farmers, by way of a special forum at the Anglican Church Hall in Santa Cruz on Tuesday (Nov. 27).”
The highly anticipated golden awards banquet will take place on Wednesday (Nov. 27) at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston starting at 6:30 p.m. “This is the event where we recognise a number of outstanding St. Elizabethians, who have achieved excellence in various areas of endeavour,” she informed. Guest speaker at the event will be Professor Gordon Shirley.
On Thursday (Nov. 29), a tourism investment forum will be held at the Grand Invercauld hotel in Black River, while on Friday (Nov. 30), a career fair will be held at St. Elizabeth Technical High School and a fundraising dinner at Independence Park.
The activities will culminate with a tour of some of the parish’s most outstanding attractions on Saturday (Dec. 1) and a road race and gospel concert on Sunday (Dec. 2).

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