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The St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation recently hosted representatives of a number of corporate entities in Kingston as the Foundation seeks to highlight the parish as the ideal place for Jamaicans and visitors to the island to visit and vacation.
The touring party comprised human resource managers and other key personnel, who arrange vacations or outings for their staff, clients, and guests, as part of their service delivery or incentive programme. The group visited Appleton Estate, YS Falls via the picturesque Holland Bamboo, Black River Safari, and Treasure Beach.
Chairperson of the St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation, Mrs. Donna Parchment Brown, told JIS News that the group recognises the importance of the many attractions to the development of the local economy, and to the improvement of the quality of life for the citizens of the parish.
“There are many developed attractions in the parish, and there are a number of attractions that are crying out for development. These are attractive to local persons, as well as international visitors, and certainly, members of the Diaspora coming home to see the wonderful attractions in the parish,” she stated.
“We do believe that in bad times, we can survive and part of that is looking at what we have, and how we can present those to others, who might be willing to spend money to enjoy a different kind of experience,” she added.
Extolling the virtues of the places visited, Mrs. Parchment Brown stated that the Appleton Estate Rum Tour is a “wonderful attraction”.
“Apart from the fact that you see a working factory in operation, the facility that has been developed for the comfort of the guests, the historic equipment that are being maintained in good attractive order, and the condition of the ground, is just a wonderful morning tour,” she pointed out.
The visit to the YS Falls, she said, “was quite a revelation for everyone there. Rarely have we seen such a beautiful piece of nature laid out in a beautiful cascade of clean, glistening water, in a setting of the most tropical plant, where the man-made element is neatly tucked into the natural environment.”
The Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) was involved in organising the tour, and Mrs. Parchment Brown informed that the Foundation will be “working with TPDCo to ensure that the investments that they have made and will be making, helps to develop all the attractions in the parish”.
Encouraging Jamaicans to include the parish in their vacation planning, she stated that: “whether it is the Calabash (Literary Festival), or you are just coming down for the weekend with your family, or you are taking a group for a purpose, there are so many gems that I would like to encourage people to visit in St. Bess.”

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