JIS News

Deputy Mayor of Black River, Shirley Myers was on Monday (October 20) honoured by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) at a Heroes Day Salute and Awards function held at the St. Elizabeth Technical High School.
Mr. Myers who has been serving the Southfield Division since 1986, also served as Mayor of Black River between October and December 2007. He was cited during the honouring as a self taught person, a self-made businessman, and champion of the people.
He told JIS News that the recognition from the JCDC has made him feel that his work in his community and the parish, which started long before he got into politics, will not go unnoticed.
“I never expected it, I have never been one of those who go around and make a lot of noise, and mi just work wid di people dem. And when you don’t mek noise, people don’t feel that you are effective as a representative. I got a lot done in my area. I thank them for giving me this honour – I feel good about it. All of my work shows that, although education is key, if you don’t have it you can still rise to serve people, you don’t have to go into crime, just find what fits you and work at it,” he said.
Meanwhile, Councillor for the Black River Division, Mordant Mitchell said Mr. Myers was quite deserving of the honour as he has given outstanding service to the people of St. Elizabeth.
“Councillor Myers is modest in his approach. He feels that it is the younger Councillors who are going to transform the St. Elizabeth Parish Council, while some of us believe that he possess a reservoir of knowledge that can help us in moving forward in the reformed process. He gives support to other Councillors when necessary even if that person is not from his party. As a first time Councillor, it’s an honour for me to serve with him, and I believe all the Councillors share in his moment of recognition,” Councillor Mitchell said.