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Seventeen persons on Thursday (Jan. 30), benefitted from a leadership seminar staged by the St. Elizabeth 4-H Club, which targeted school principals and managers across the parish.
The participants were exposed to presentations ranging from various leadership skills that are necessary for managers, to project writing and management. Presenter at the seminar, and General Manager at the St. Elizabeth Co-operative Credit Union, Fitz Rowe, said for objectives to be achieved, persons at all levels of an organisation must lead.
“Managers need to be responsible people, they must plan, organise and implement and at times play the role of a leader – even if that is not their substantive position. Everyone has subordinates, and objectives that we want to achieve, so whether you are the CEO, or the general manager, there is a leadership role that we have to play for the organisation to move forward. So leadership skills must be acquired and developed at all levels for the accomplishment of required objectives,” Mr. Rowe emphasised.
Manager of the New Market Branch of the National People’s Co-operative Bank, Lorraine McPherson, told JIS News that the points emphasised at the seminar “will help to maximise the full potential of staff members, when managers lead, instead of wielding the ‘big stick.’ The presentation on project management was interesting, and will help in our relations to clients”.
Parish Development Officer with the 4-H Clubs, in St. Elizabeth, Bridgette Powell, said “the information passed on to our school principals, and business executives, was valuable. It was interactive and some of the participants have indicated that they would like to engage in another session, in all though, I believe it has expanded the capacity of leadership across the parish”.
Meanwhile, Field Services Coordinator for the central region of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Edith Wiggan, has commended the persons who she said have, through giving, kept the organisation going.
“At a time when volunteerism is challenged, our volunteers have caused the 4-H movement to be sustainable, and we continue to benefit from their wealth of knowledge and time that they have dedicated to move communities forward,” she stated.

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