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Two hundred and fifty Certificates of Title were on Wednesday (October 22) handed out to St. Catherine residents, beneficiaries under the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP).
The beneficiaries are from Byndloss, Old Harbour, Church Pen, Russel Pen, Golden Acres, Colbeck, Mount Rosser, Ewarton and Linstead.
Speaking at a handing over ceremony held at the Linstead Baptist Church, in Linstead, St. Catherine, State Minister for Water and Housing, Everald Warmington, said that some 29,000 parcels of land in the parish have been surveyed under the programme, and more than 8,000 titles opened. He said the objective was to “clarify” some 30,000 parcels of land.
“In 2006 some 500 titles were issued and for the last two, which were held in September of this year the Government issued over 150 titles to beneficiaries under the programme,” he informed.
Additionally, Mr. Warmington said, several persons had gone to the LAMP office to collect their land titles. More titles are to be handed out to landowners before the end of this financial year, he disclosed.
The State Minister said that the Government would be working “tirelessly” to ensure that land owners acquire their titles. Outlining the importance of having a title, Mr. Warmington said the document could be used as collateral to improve the owner’s economic standing.
“Having a piece of land without a title means you cannot make your property really work for you. With your title and land you can improve and empower yourself and your family and better your lives,” he said.
Murelda Folkes, from the Old Harbour district, who spoke on behalf of the recipients from the community, said the programme has brought relief to many persons who were unable to get their titles due to financial difficulties.
“LAMP came to their rescue so that now they can boast of their titles for the land which for years they called home,” she said.
Mrs. Folkes thanked the National Land Agency (NLA) for the professional manner displayed by staff while processing their titles. “Their patience and responsiveness is remarkable,” she added.

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