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A concert will be held on Saturday, June 30 at the WINDALCo Sports Complex in Ewarton, St. Catherine, to raise funds for the establishment of a Parish Disaster Fund.
The fund-raiser is being organised by the St. Catherine Parish Council under the theme, ‘Prepare before it is here’.
Mayor of Spanish Town, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, made the announcement at a press conference held recently at the Council’s office.
Dr. Wheatley said the initiative was conceived by the Parish Disaster Committee consisting of representatives from the Police, Fire Services, Poor Relief and other non-governmental agencies. Its main aim is to create a pool of funds, which will be used to assist St. Catherine residents in times of disaster.
The Mayor said that recent fires and floods in Spanish Town and other town centres have forced the Parish Council “to draw on resources to give assistance where necessary.”
“In order for the Council to carry out its emergency operations and give assistance when needed, it was decided to put on this fund raising activity to help ourselves instead of relying solely on resources from other sources,” he said.
Secretary/Manager of the St. Catherine Parish Council, Franklyn Smith, thanked the sponsors of the project and called on other private sector entities to assist.
“If you don’t partner with us, the chances of us being able to respond quickly and meaningfully will be negatively impacted,” he said, adding that not only would their participation help the Council, but it would also “mirror the spirit shown by the entertainers.”

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