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Some 27 schools in South East St. Ann participated in a Literacy Exposition, which was held recently on the grounds of the Moneague Primary and Junior High School.
The event, dubbed ‘Lit Fix in 06’, saw the Principals and staff in the South East St. Ann cluster of schools coming together to showcase creative ideas, so as to enhance learning in the classroom.
“As a cluster of Principals, we are conscious that literacy plays an important role and we are mandated to make the intervention at this time,” Head of the Management Team for the event, Cynthia Cunningham, told JIS News.
The task of achieving a high literacy level in schools, she said, could only be accomplished if teachers and parents worked together, holding firm to the saying, ‘Every child can learn: Every child must’.
“It is my belief that teachers should be visionaries,” she said, informing that the idea for ‘Lit Fix in 06′ was suggested by the Education Officer in charge of the cluster, Joy Daye.
“As a cluster, we embarked on the sharing of strategies within certain confines as well as showcasing best practices used within these schools, so that a collaborative approach can be employed in tackling the task in improving literacy,” she said.
Mrs. Daye told JIS News that she was happy that the Principals welcomed the idea for the staging of the event and that she was pleased with the displays that were organized at the different grade levels.
Outlining the different areas of focus, she said that Grade One concentrated on Emergent Literacy; Grade Two, Word Recognition Skills; Grade Three, Writing Skills; Grade Four, Independent Reading Skills; Grade Five, Comprehension Skills, and Grade Six, Reading in the content area.
“We feel that if schools focus on these areas, at the end of Grade Six, all or probably all of the students will be leaving school being able to read,” she said.
Mrs. Daye thanked the sponsors of the event for their invaluable contribution and appealed to the parents and teachers in the South East St. Ann cluster to work together, so as to impact the level of literacy in a positive way.
Other participants at the exposition included the Moneague Teachers’ College, Bryan’s Bookshop, Kingston Bookshop, Book Merchant, Grace Kitchens and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

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