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Despite the inclement weather in St. Ann, several persons turned out to work on Labour Day projects today (May 23), under the theme: ‘Prepare for Disaster, Recover Faster’.
Over in Faith’s Pen, members of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) along with community members of the Village community took part in drain cleaning work at the Village All-age School.
“The PTA and the citizens of this community have turned out in their numbers to do their Labour Day project. They cleaned a drain that leads to the school yard, they have cleaned up the school and they have painted a bus shed in the area,” Councillor for the Moneague Division, Lloyd Garrick told JIS News.
Member of Parliament for the area, Aloun Ndombet-Assamba said that the Village All-age School could be used as a shelter during the hurricane season, and that the residents would be trying to accomplish as much work as possible on the facility.
Principal of the school, Merle Kelly commended the organizers of the project and thanked the community members for their invaluable contribution.
Meanwhile, residents of the Cave Valley community also turned out to work on the parish project, which was a major cleaning of the drains in the area.
“We have about 75 persons here already and we are doing the cleaning of the drains in four sections and a great amount of work has been done already, despite the unfavourable weather condition,” Parish Disaster Co-ordinator, Alvin Clarke told JIS News.
“Councillor Winston Brown, the Member of Parliament for the area, representatives from the St. Ann Jamaica Bauxite Company, the Superintendent of Police and representatives from the Jamaica Red Cross are here and we are having a wonderful time. We are expecting more people to come out and assist with the project. Food is being prepared for the people and we are looking forward to a successful day,” he said.
A total of 99 projects have been registered in the parish. These include tree planting, repairs to community centres, painting of pedestrian crossings, bushing and landscaping, fencing of schools, cleaning of drains and the cleaning of sinkholes and gullies.

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