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Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for Area Two, Derrick Shand, has called on citizens of St. Ann to partner with the police, and support them in fighting crime in the parish.

“While I welcome the new team, it is my expectation that you (residents of St. Ann) will give them the best support that you can and, instead of having a team, we will have what we call a big partnership in St. Ann,” ACP Shand said.

He was speaking at a welcome ceremony for the new command team in charge of the St. Ann division, on Wednesday February 9 at the Evan’s Commercial Complex, St. Ann’s Bay.

“I want to say that the success of this team depends heavily on the support that you give to them so, if they fail, it will be because you have failed them and, if they succeed, it is because you have supported them,” he opined, urging the members of the JCF to be professional in carrying out their duties.

The new command team, headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Carlton Wilson, has rolled out a 100-day operation plan, dubbed “Operation Reassurance”.  It took effect on Monday (February 07), and is aimed at strengthening policing across the parish and building stronger relationships with residents.

“We come with a plan of engagement, engagement in communication and respect which will flow both ways. We hope that when all of this is executed, it will be a sustainable partnership of fairplay and trust,” SSP Wilson said.

“We will be going out into the communities, and we will be greeting persons and letting them know that we are serious about this partnership. We are going to let them know that we are here to serve and protect, and what we are looking for is just the help from them to maintain law and order,” SSP Wilson said.

Other members of the new command team include: Superintendents Michael Morris (Operations) and Canute Hamilton (Administration); Detective/ Inspector Barrington Crawford, in charge of Crime; and Deputy Superintendent-designate for Ocho Rios, Gary Francis.





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