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The St. Ann Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) continues to reach out to the residents of the parish through its community safety and security initiative.
On Friday, October 2, the St. Ann’s Bay police, along with a team from the St. Ann branch of the Social Development Commission (SDC,) rebuilt the home of Eda Bent, an elderly resident of Mansfield Heights, located outside of Ocho Rios.
The 8×8 square-foot ply board dwelling in which the 72-old lived was in a deplorable condition, with rotting, uneven boards and large holes in the zinc roof.
The work team tore down the house to its concrete foundation, before putting in stable frames to provide support for bright, new wood walls and zinc roof.

Eda Bent, 72-year old resident of Mansfield Heights in St Ann, helped in the rebuilding of her one room home on Friday, October 2. The work was undertaken by the St. Ann Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Social Development Commission (SDC), with residents assisting in the effort.

The dwelling was furnished with a new single bed and a small stove put in, and linoleum placed on the bare concrete floor. She was also given utensils for cooking and eating, including pots, plates, cups, knives and forks, and spoons.
A small, decrepit outhouse located a few chains from the house, was also repaired.
At the end of the workday, an overwhelmed Ms. Bent thanked the work team, which included a number of residents. She said that her home is now much more comfortable.
“I want to say thanks to everybody for the help because I really did not have the money to build a house right now. I was not expecting this, so I feel real good and I am very happy,” she gushed to JIS News.
Corporal Everton Fairweather told JIS News that the police was pleased to assist someone in need.
He informed that the workday was just one project being undertaken in the parish in keeping with efforts by the police force to build better relations and trust with citizens.

Members of the St. Ann Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the St. Ann office of the Social Development Commission (SDC), and residents of Mansfield Heights in the parish, participated in the rebuilding of a one room house for 72-year old Eda Bent on October 2.

“We have many other projects that we intend to embark on, so this is just one of them. We work with the community and the community is receptive of us,” Corporal Fairweather said.
He informed that community policing efforts in the Mansfield Heights area were going well so far, as the residents and the police were now working together.
SDC’s Acting Executive Director, Dwayne Vernon, in the meantime, told JIS News that the repairs to the latrine were a temporary measure “until we can provide her with a good fixture. It is not just a benefit for her but it is also a benefit for society on a whole,” he noted.
In commending the residents, who came to assist with the project, Mr. Vernon said that their efforts were indicative that “the spirit of volunteerism still exists. We are still our brother’s keeper.”

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