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    The St. Ann 4-H Club has embarked on a number of projects this year, which are geared at providing training for its clubbities as well as to boost membership within the parish.
    “Among the programmes that have been introduced by the 4-H is the junior leaders league, where the leaders of the various clubs are being trained to become peer educators,” said St. Ann Parish Development Officer, Eugennie Walters.
    She told JIS News, that training was being undertaken in areas such as conflict resolution, team building, youth employability, and emergency management.
    Ms. Walters further informed, that the 4-H has been working in collaboration with Hi-Pro Jamaica Limited to promote poultry farming in schools. “Another of our projects is the school garden project and 4-H has decided to invest in this project in order to keep it alive in the schools.” she said.
    In addition, she said, clubbities were being prepared for the upcoming Achievement Day, with training being conducted in areas such as rabbit care and management, budding and grafting, drought management, cake making and decorating, among others.
    Ms. Walters noted that the clubbities were applying the knowledge gained from the training in carrying out practical work in a number of areas.
    “Our training centre at Thatchfield is situated on 10.4 hectares (26 acres) of land and we are trying to make the best of it through farming. We have established a plot of teak and we have planted some vegetables as well, so we will be taking the clubbites to the location to do some pruning of the teak and preparation of other vegetable plots,” she said.
    She issued an appeal to the young people in the parish to support the 4-H movement, noting that the intention was to prepare them to become well-rounded citizens.

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