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Members of the St. Andrew High School Alumni Association in Toronto, Canada have donated Cdn$6,000 to their alma mater in Kingston.
According to President of the Association, Cherita Girvan-Campbell, the remittance will be used largely for hurricane repairs, refurbishing of the office building and for the upcoming 80th anniversary celebrations.
Mrs. Girvan-Campbell was speaking recently at a fundraising brunch organized by the 13-year-old Association and held at Club Paradise in Toronto.
She paid tribute to Sharon Reid, the current Principal of the school, pointing out that she had “worked tirelessly, first as Vice Principal, then as Acting Principal, to steer St. Andrew High School through a period of reorganization and transformation, into an institution which has moved with the times and now shapes the minds and characters of some 1,600 students”.
Noting that the school continues to excel in academic pursuits and athletics, the President said the institution is also emphasizing the social development and welfare of its students.
Mrs. Girvan-Campbell also lauded the members for their continued “energetic” support of the Association and the school. With close to 200 persons in attendance, this was one of the most successful fundraising brunches ever organized by the Association.
“Members are actively encouraging each other and people in the wider community, individually and in groups, to support our Association, our school and our beloved, Jamaica. What is in fact developing is a stronger sense of community, a true team spirit,” said the President.
She encouraged the members to participate in the upcoming 80th Anniversary celebrations, which will include a Homecoming from Wednesday, March 29 to Friday, March 31, 2006.
Guest presenter at the event, storyteller Phyllis Walker, entertained the audience with stories of ‘Anancy’ and ‘old time Jamaica.’ A teacher for more than 20 years, Ms. Walker recently retired from the Toronto District School Board.

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