JIS News

Three five-year scholarships and 400 flash drives were recently presented to students of the Marcus Garvey Technical High School, St. Ann’s Bay.

The presentation was part of an outreach project of the St. Andrew High School Past Students Association’s Class of 1959.

Marcus Garvey Technical’s Principal, Leslie Riley, in expressing gratitude for the donation, said that “they could have done whatever they are doing for St. Andrew High School, but they have chosen to come to Marcus Garvey Technical to share with us”.

Mr. Riley noted there were not enough computers to serve the 2,500 student population, and with limited computer storage space, the flash drives were greatly appreciated.

“This is a very significant gesture because it will allow the students to be in a position to store their work; those who could not afford to get a flash drive can now borrow it,” Mr. Riley said.  He said that the flash drives would be numbered and monitored by the school’s library in the same manner as a library book.

St. Andrew High School Past Student Association member, Charleen Gorbet, told JIS News that the association was more than pleased to support Marcus Garvey Technical.

She said that the Class of 1959, in celebrating over 50 years, had donated gifts to their alma mater, but a small group of alumni had decided to reach out to help a rural school and they decided on Marcus Garvey Technical.

She informed that the scholarship awards will assist the recipients to meet the cost of books, uniforms and other necessities.

Scholarship awardee, Desine Butler, thanked the association for their contribution, and promised to continue to work hard.