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Residents and farmers in Manchester recently benefitted from an exhibition mounted by the Scientific Research Council (SRC), which showcased the stages of root and tuber production and the various ways the products can be utilised, employing technologies in farming, agro-processing and food technology.
The exhibition, dubbed ‘Golden Roots and Tubers’, was held at the Rural Agricultural Development Authority’s (RADA) office in Mandeville, and formed part of activities by the SRC in celebration of National Science and Technology month in November.
SRC representative, Garfield King, said that the exhibit is in keeping with “this whole thrust by the Government where tubers are concerned in terms of food security. We are here just to make it known to farmers of the options that they have in terms of things that can be done with roots and tubers. So we have targeted the farmers in particular, but also the wider society”.
He added that the expo is one of the methods used by the SRC, to inform the wider Jamaica about developments in science and technology, and methods that are being applied to improve best practices and the services offered by the SRC.
“One of the aims of the exhibition is the popularisation of science and technology and based on the feedback that we have been having, it has been well received by the students and by the farmers. Many people have been surprised by the myriad of things that these tubers and roots have been used to do,” he said.
National Science and Technology month is being celebrated under the theme: ‘Science and Technology: Driving Industry and Commerce’, and is to seek to examine how the application of science and technology can be used as a tool for national development.
The SRC is involved in food and personal care product development, waste water management, alternative energy sources, various analyses of food and water, among others.
The Jamaica 4-H Clubs and RADA, which partnered with SRC to stage the event, also showcased a number of products that can be derived from roots and tubers.

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